DMochelle Fashion Magazine, December 2015

Fotofoto Gallery Exhibition: "Under the Influence"
Huntington, NY (February 2016)

Untitled 25 from "Exposing Beauty"

Nassau Community College
Firehouse Art Gallery's Student Exhibition

Garden City, NY (April-May 2016)

Quad Overlay (left) and Untitled 25 (right)
* Untitled 25 received Honorable Mention Award.

Desi Magazine, May 2016 
Fashion Week 2016
Designer: Anniesa Hasibuan 
"Pearl Asia" Collection

Photographer: Alex Thomas
Make Up: Carolina Septerita
Headpiece: Gliem Grace
Models: Sarah Azka and Laura Muljadi

Desi Magazine, May 2016 
Story: Sophia Hasib and Sazia Hasib

Photographer: Alex Thomas
Assistant: Roxana Hurtado
Creative Director: Erica Kimble
Styling : Tshombe Crumley

Model: Shahroz Ali

Desi Magazine, May 2016
Desi & Debonair

Photographer: Alex Thomas
Designer: Tim Arrington

Model: Shariful Islam

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